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Moondance is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We are unique for offering DJ and live entertainment for your wedding or event. We serve southern Vermont, eastern upstate New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are close by to service weddings and events at ski resorts such as Stratton, Killington, Okemo, Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. At you will find it easy to create a unique event that offers a combination of the best of both worlds, live music and DJ music. We have been providing entertainment for nearly 30 years. We know how important your event is to you and we know how important it is to have your entertainment in the hands of professionals. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and more. We are in the business of helping you create  a great time and lasting memories.
With a variety of offerings to choose from and our professional experience, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Give us a call and run your event by us. Wether your wedding is in Manchester VT, Middlebury VT, Killington, Stratton, Saratoga Springs NY or Manchester NH for that matter, we can help. 

Experience Rules
musician Paul BrotchieA DJ SHORT STORY 
by DJ, singer/songwriter/musician Paul Brotchie
Moral: Your event is unique & requires professional treatment to suit your needs
I will never forget attending one of my high school reunions where the planners hired a DJ who had a single shtick, which was to create a dance party. Well, OK. I could hardly think of a better way to celebrate a momentous occasion that called for dining, dancing and celebration than with a dance party. The problem was that this event was different than a celebratory event that mainly called for dancing. You see, I went to the reunion hoping to actually "reunite" with people that I had not seen for ten years. Maybe I would be amazed at how different some may look or maybe I would hear about directions and choices that people had made and I would connect with people, some perhaps that I may have only had a marginal friendship with at my small private boys high school. Instead, when I arrived I found my former classmates all dancing constantly with their wives and girlfriends who they see and spend time with every day! I was on the sidelines with my good friend and fellow alumni with whom I came,  just looking and identifying who was who after ten years of time and change. The DJ was working the room very hard to get everybody up on the dance floor. Whoa!.. there big fella!!! I thought. This guy's got the wrong idea. It so exasperated me that this DJ was wasting our collective time that I approached him and asked him if he didn't mind letting me use his microphone. He did. I rounded up the whole room to a circle for a special announcement. "Our DJ was kind enough to turn his microphone over to me for a few minutes" I said. "It's really great to see everyone here and I just thought that since this is a reunion, it would be a lot of fun if we took a little time to share some memories." "Since our sophomore year history teacher is here, Brother Britt, I don't mind starting the circle with a funny little story about one of his history lessons." Then I told the story of how one day Spike Brown and myself switched the sound track to Brother Britt's history lesson slide show with the Jethro Tull music from "Aqua Lung". It's a funny story to hear and especially since everyone in the room knew all of the characters and sat many an hour in class with Brother Britt. The microphone got passed around and lo and behold........ there we were actually reuniting! Some fun stories came out. People started talking with one another and introducing their wives and girlfriends. A while later we went back to dancing.
MOOD IS EVERYTHING FOLKS. You don't typically start up a dance party at a post funeral gathering, unless of course it's by special request from the deceased or the family. And yes, I have indeed entertained at funerals that have in fact done that. When Tom Gilday died, the patriarch of a large family of ten adult children, he had actually salted away money for a party in his honor to be held that included specific requests by him that everyone eat, drink and have a party. His was not your typical post funeral event.
NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE Your DJ must know what to play and when to play it for a particular predicted outcome. I was a guest attending a very large holiday event in New York City in one of the fanciest buildings in Manhattan. No expense spared! But... no one was dancing and this was indeed the kind of event that called for a full dance floor. I was speaking with the corporate event planner who came to me and asked me why I thought the dance floor was empty. I looked around the room, did a quick scan of the demographic and jotted down about 6 song titles for her to deliver to the DJ she had hired to play in order. He did. Beginning with the first song and throughout the entire set, the dance floor was packed. "Wow"! She asked, "how did you know that's what it would take to get people dancing"? I handed her my card and told her to call me for next year's event. 
Your DJ also must know how to make calls of appropriateness when satisfying or not satisfying a request by one of your guests. One time a violinist friend of mine was performing as part of a wedding band. They had specific instructions from one side of the family NOT to play “The Chicken Dance” under any circumstances. Everything was going great until the father of the groom requested……. You guessed it, “The Chicken Dance”. The singer and leader of the band refused to play it. The father of the groom persisted doggedly with his request until the whole affair erupted into melee when dear old dad got so mad he grabbed the singer’s microphone stand and began whirling it in the air around his head like a club and chasing the singer off the stage screaming “I said play the chicken dance ***damn you!!!”
No brainer here but believe it or not, many DJs put their own agenda first either by formula play lists or by 'same old' style event format. Your event is special. That needs to be understood by your DJ from the moment you begin planning and working with your DJ to the moment the music stops and your guests are leaving happy and satisfied that their time at your event was well spent. Special events create special memories as long as the right experience and care go into executing your plan. 
AT MOONDANCE ENTERTAINMENT, we are happy to consult with you for no charge whatsoever. We want you to be satisfied and feel comfortable and confident about choosing us as your entertainment professionals. We have over 25 years of experience entertaining. We specialize in mood management. We are different because we offer live performance as well as recorded music. We boast a huge volume of recorded music and karaoke collection. We are professional and easy to work with.
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